Student Interns, the Unsung Heroes of Therapy

“We learn not in school, but in life”.


Have you finally decided to start therapy, only to be told there are no therapists in your area accepting new clients?  You may want to consider meeting with an intern.  Student Therapy Interns are graduate students who have completed nearly all of the required coursework to become a licensed therapist.  Internship allows students to practice their skills in a real world setting as the final step of earning their master’s degree.  After they graduate, they can sit for their licensure exam to become provisionally licensed (or Associate level) therapists.  

Here are 5 reasons why meeting with a Student Therapy Intern may be a great option for you. 

  1. Access the most up to date clinical interventions and techniques.  Graduate students conduct a lot of research as part of their coursework- and in most circumstances, they must be crediting sources just a few years old.  This means an intern may technically have an edge on more seasoned therapists simply because of their exposure to current literature. 
  2. Expert Support in the form of Clinical Supervision.  All therapy interns must meet at least weekly with a fully licensed and experienced therapist.  Additionally, many clinical supervisors have additional education in the field of supervision to help them guide new therapists and facilitate their skill development. 
  3. Reduced Cost.  Even if you plan to use insurance, many plans have high copays or deductibles which must be met before sessions are covered.  Some policies may even deny your claim depending on the diagnosis provided by your therapist or because of the type of therapy they provide.  Therapy interns typically provide vastly reduced rates, often on a sliding scale, so no matter what your income situation is, you may still be able to see a therapist weekly. 
  4. Availability.  Since the primary goal of therapy interns is to gain experience, they may offer more flexible hours to accommodate an ideal client.  Early mornings, evenings, and weekends are all possibilities.
  5. Your Support is Appreciated.  One cannot become an expert in anything without practice.  By working with a therapy intern, you are helping them as much as they may be helping you.  Your willingness to share your story, your openness to allow your experiences to be shared in supervision, and your trust that your privacy and dignity will be protected by the high ethical standards of the counseling profession, ensure a bright future to new therapists who have dedicated their careers to helping people.  The knowledge gained by new therapists during internship will be carried throughout their entire careers, helping them assist others for many years to come. 

On behalf of my practice, House Call Counseling, I’d like to thank you for reading this article and for your consideration to work with a therapy intern.  

If you’re located in North Carolina and you are interested in working with a therapy intern, visit to be placed on the Intern/Reduced Cost Wait List.

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